Introduction: Within the deteriorated medical sector in the country which resulted to the inability to provide the primary health care to the citizens, it became necessary to conduct a thorough study to achieve the aspirations of the people in terms of comprehensive health system in order to apply ... Read More

The Rapid Support Forces the Red Sea sector made some contributions in the social media and the humanitarian and the service through effective partnerships with the civil society organizations and activists. RSF adopted many initiatives to serve the society in the health and humanitarian sides ... Read More

The Rapid Support Forces RSF play major and important roles in boosting security and securing the borders and curbing the negative phenomenon and crimes, in addition to contribution in the providing social services .Beside pushing forward the development process in the state . For more achievements ... Read More

Many challenges and obstacles are facing West Darfur state particularly the tribal conflicts  appeared these days. The Rapid Support Forces are exerted great efforts to boost peace, security and development in the state .RSF Commander West Darfur sector Brig. Idris Hassan Ibrahim detailed in ... Read More