RSF Commander – West Darfur Sector Brig Idris Hassan Ibrahim

Many challenges and obstacles are facing West Darfur state particularly the tribal conflicts  appeared these days. The Rapid Support Forces are exerted great efforts to boost peace, security and development in the state .RSF Commander West Darfur sector Brig. Idris Hassan Ibrahim detailed in this Interviewed.
Q. RSF Commander Al Geneina  sector , you are welcome ?
A. You’re  welcome  , it is my great pleasure to be  your  guest . Thanks for the great efforts exerted by the Electronic Information Center at the RSF to reflect what concerns our forces in West Darfur  state .
Q. What is the role of the RSF in curbing the negative aspects?
A. The role of the RSF is not to achieve this task in particular. Our forces are working to curb all negative aspects  such  as  wearing  of  kadamol that is used by the outlaws, our forces curbing the scooters .
Q. The relation of the RSF with the political and   tribal  components ?
A. The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) stand at an equal dance with all political and tribal components . RSF are open towards all components that  have  wide  consent.
Q. What are the social initiatives of the RSF in west  Darfur  state ?
A.The RSF in west Darfur has launched several social initiatives included Sport clubs initiative in the state such as (Al Hilal and Al Merreikh ) clubs who will compete in the Sudanese premium  league supported directly by the  the First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign  Council  , RSF Commander in Chief 1st. Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo due to his  belief that sport as a bridge for love and  peace and a junction for all political and social components .
Q. The role of the RSF in peaceful coexistence amid the components of the state?
A. The  RSF has played major roles , enabling the  local  administrations , chieftains of the  Sofi sects , Youths and woman to play their role in boosting peace and peaceful coexistence .
Q. What is the role of the RSF in the coming era?
A. There are several programs such as safeguarding  people lives and the properties of Sudan  , exerting more efforts in mending the social fabric and the coexistence amid the local communities.
Q. What about the Agricultural  season  in  west  Darfur  state?
A. In this regard we highly laud the efforts of the First Vice President of the Sovereign   Council  , RSF Commander in chief 1st.Lt. Gen.  Mohamed Hamdan Daglo who has paid great attention to  the  agricultural  season ,He has provided us with forces that participated in the success of the agricultural season . RSF are open to localities   and areas in west Darfur to secure the agricultural season and to prevent violation between farmers and herders . The result is the success of the harvest season the farmers and the government have celebrated recently . We have appreciated  those  efforts  and  we  convey  thanks  and  gratitude .
Q. Let  us  talk  about  the  role of the RSF in the Illegal migration and smuggling in general ?
A.The RSF and according to its widespread at the bordering strict in west Darfur  state . The RSF has succeeded in curbing all crimes crossing the borders, and the human traffickers , and the smugglers of the strategic commodities . We have siezed several groups who illegally migrated of youths and young boys in the way to Libya to be sold and work as militias. The RSF has perfectly succeeded in this mission .
Q. Would you please tell us about the role of the RSF in the educational process? 
A. The RSF has provided vital model this year by presenting supports to the different schools and Universities in the state. The RSF has participated in the Sudanese school Certificate by sterilizing the exam centers in the localities of the Corona Pandemic . In addition to logistic and financial support to all employers presented from the First Vice President 1st Lt. Gen, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.