Interview – RSF Commander - North Darfur Sector Brig. Gedo Hamdan Ahmed ( Abnashuk) highlights RSF Efforts And Achievements

The Rapid Support Forces RSF Commander –North Darfur sector Brig. Gedo Hamdan Ahmed known as Abnshuk has highlighted the efforts and achievements of the   RSF  in  the  different  fields  in  the  state .
Q. Your Excellency Brig. Gedo Hamdan   Ahmed   , the RSF have played major role in  curbing the  illegal  migration , human trafficking , What do you say in this regard ?
A. Yes, the Rapid Support Forces RSF have played major role in this field and also have exerted great efforts to curb this phenomenon that threating Sudan and other countries for it is inter-bordering crime .The RSF have seized tens of human traffickers, and small aged are used and recruited to participate in conflicts and wars in   Libya   and   other  countries  .
Regards to the deployment of the Rapid Support Forces RSF at the norther-west bordering   strict  ,  and  the great desert and our borders with Chad , Libya and Egypt . The  RSF  exerted  great  efforts  and  achievements  in keeping and boosting security and stability in Sudan , these achievements are considered our essential responsibility .
Q. Brig. Abnashuk , security dossier and securing the agricultural season in North Darfur are important and sensitive dossiers , what are the RSF plans and contribution to improve the security situations , and what is the coordination with the other regular forces ? 
A. Security dossier is  one  of  the  most  important  dossiers , without security citizens could do nothing . Security is our priority , the RSF are ready  day and night to achieve securing of all highways such as Al Ingaz al Ghrabi ( west Ingaz ) , Nyala al Fashir highway , al Fashir-Kebkabia , al Fashir-Kutum highways , the areas of Amro, Karnowe , alTainah and all other areas .Our forces are working in coordination with the regular forces ,the SAF, Police everywhere . We work according   to   the   directives   and instructions of the security committee in the state .
According   to   the  agricultural   season , we have well trained and qualified forces to secure and responsible of the agricultural season and to prevent violations and conflicts between farmers and herders from time to time . We have links with the citizens to contact and to inform our forces with such problems. 
Q.  Some people talk about networks activate in drugs   and  crimes  in  counterfeiting local coin and the hard currency , your comment ? 
A. The RSF are ready to any sort of   crimes   threat  the  economy and the youths .Our forces are curbing such negative aspects day and night . they have managed to seize huge quantities of different drugs and imported alcohol and Tramadol tablets . We have seized in the last two weeks huge quantities of  US$  200,000 m and 3 cars loaded with imported alcohol coming from  a neighboring country .
Q. Your Excellency  , Brig. Abnashuk ,your recent visit to the northern and western areas in north Darfur  ( Wadi Hawar )  and your meeting with  peace signatories of the armed struggle movements , this visit has significance in the peace field , how could see that ?
A. We have visited Wadi Hawar and received by the armed struggle movements in the Sudanese Liberation Army SLA- Mini Arko Minawe faction . We have met Commander Juma Mohmed Hagar. We have  received  more than 200 vehicles .During the last  years we were fighting each other in the same place . But now have met in   peace . We have forgotten hatred and  problems , We are in need to forgive and support  and build each other . We have to assist the leaders who have brought the  peace . We have to keep it and to boost it ot provide security and stability to the citizens.
Q. Brig  . Abanshuk , what is the social role and the community initiatives of the RSF ?
A. The RSF presented lots of things to the society in the field establishing  schools , health centers , digging wells , supporting youths  and sport organizations in the field of health sanitation , dispatching conveys , seating of students, providing school and sport equipment . Concerning water services our forces have dug more than 60 wells in  the areas of al Zuruq , Major , Wadi Hawer , Shegeq Kuru , al Teinahm , Ambru and Karnwei. 
We have more than 200 schools  and Khalwa . Recently we dispatched conveys included  1750 units of seating in the areas of Kutum , Al Waha , Mesrteha and others . In addition to the contribution of our forces in all parts of Sudan. We are now exerting more efforts to achieve other programs.
Q. Your  excellency Brig. Abanshuk   regards to the exit of UNAMID from Darfur and the forming joint forces to protect the civilians , what is the expected role of the RSF?
A. Yes, it is correct that these forces was form as an idea from the First Vice President of the Transitional Council , the RSF Commander in chief ,1st Lt, Gen, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo who always pays attention to all  issues of the country . beside  boosting  security and stability . He thinks   to dispatch these forces to Darfur in the coming days to keep and boost peace and to protect civilians in all states of Darfur  . The RSF are  keen and obliged  to boost security and stability and protect the citizens and their properties .
Q. Your excellency Brig. Abanshuk, some leaders of the armed struggle movements-Dr. al Hadi Idris  have recently visited the state to promote for peace , and they have visited the RSF north Darfur sector  , how could you the RSF relation with these groups?
A. Firstly , we convey thank to the leaders of the armed struggle movements and to Dr. AlHadi Idris head of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front  in particular  , and Al Tahir Abu Abu Bakr Hajer head of Liberation Gathering Forces LGF for their good visit to the state . We have received them and shared them their visit to all parts of the state , we thank them visiting the RSF headquarter .They lauded our efforts in receiving them and the role that the RSF  are plying in the state as part of our responsibility towards the society . And mainly for their great efforts to boost peace , security , stability and development . 
Q. Your Excellency Brig. Gedo Hamdan Ahmed ,thanks and have any comment or message or any topic to say something about ?
A.If I have any addition , it will that God to bless us to  boost security , stability and peace keeping , to protect the civilians in order to realize our targeted goals  .