Interview-RSF in Kassala Sector Col. Yahia Mohamed Adam Hamid

The   Commander of the Rapid Support Forces - Kassala sector Col. Yahia Mohamed Adam Hamid   affirmed that the RSF have played a strategic role in curbing the smuggling in the state as it managed in coordination to seize with other regular forces   huge   quantities of strategic commodities such as flour gasoil, gasoline which were prepared to  be smuggled to the neighboring countries. Col. Yahia disclosed in an interview conducted by Al-Tayar daily newspaper many roles of the RSF.
Interviewed by -Ibrahim Gasmallah 
Q1.Your Excellency Col. Yahia Mohamed Adam  Hamid ,would you please explain   the role  of  the  Rapid  Support  Forces  RSF  in Kassala ?
The Rapid Support Forces RSF in Kassala have played great role in coordination with other regular forces in the state   . The essential   role is securing the city, blocking and protecting highways and streets of all localities in  Kassala.
Q2.What are the services provided by the RSF to the local community of the state  ?
Moral Guidance at the RSF has an effective role in the society particularly in mosques, Khalwa providing servicing to the local community. RSF have  participated in the cleaning campaigns in all cities in Kassala  , spraying and sterilization , in addition to providing assistances to the rains and floods affected people last Autumn .
Q3. Have  the RSF  any  contributions  in  curbing  smuggling  in  the  state  ?
A.The RSF have  played major role in curbing smuggling of strategic commodities such   as  flour  and  wheat , managed to seize huge quantities of gasoil ,  gasoline and gas , smuggled to the neighboring countries . Legal procedures are taken and these quantities of the seized materials are handed to the police authorities. The forces seized huge quantities of weapons, and ammunitions and spare parts , besides landmines, walky-talky  apparatuses  anti-vehicles  and  humans , RBG ,
Q. Would you please tell us about the cars lauded by alcohol seized by the  RSF , your comment ?
A. Yes  , We have  seized  cars loaded by alcohol coming from a neighboring country following  long  process of chase   before entering Khartoum . The amount worth SDG 4 billion . Our forces are still guarding the country and the  Nation .
Q. What about the stolen cars?
A. The RSF in the state managed to curb the negative aspects in collaboration with the SAF, the Police, and Intelligence  General . RSF in Kassala has received information   about  stolen  civil  car in the governmental bodies . We directly worked to recover another car in   Halfa  factory , and  a car of the executive director of Halfa locality , besides other cars .
Q. What is the role in reducing tribal conflicts took place in the state recently? 
A. Actually our forces in the RSF have played vital role in all inscendents and violations took place in  Khasm al Qerba in Kassala and even in Gedaref . RSF in the sector have  participated in cease -fire and stopping war . We have conducted many reconciliations  , addition to the participation of our forces in the signing of( Galad) between Nuba and Beni Amir tribes. Now we have an initiative of reconciliation between the conflicted parties coming soon , This means the intimate relation and the keenness and acceptance  of people of Kassala to the RSF .
Q.Is the RSF sector  ready to implement the peace agreement on reality?
A. The Rapid Support Forces RSF are ready to implement peace agreement on reality In Shaa Allah ( If The God Wish ) 
Q. How could you see the relation of the RSF with the other regular forces ?
A.We have good relation with our brothers in the other regular forces , we work in collaboration for one goal.
Q.The security situations in the  state , your comments?
A.We thank Allah that the security situations are so clam in the state , stable and safe .Our forces in the RSF have played considerable role in boosting security . We ask Allah to bless and keep  Sudan , the people of Sudan and our forces in the RSF .