RSF Commander In the Red Sea State

The Rapid Support Forces the Red Sea sector made some contributions in the social media and the humanitarian and the service through effective partnerships with the civil society organizations and activists. RSF adopted many initiatives to serve the society in the health and humanitarian sides besides the social issues. To shed light on all these topics we sit to the RSF Commander in the Red Sea state Col.  Mahmoud   Rahmah  Al Daghous.
Q1. Would you please tell us about the great interaction with the RSF in the state?
A. The  Rapid  Support Forces RSF found great acceptance from the political and tribal components in the state. All these components affirmed the major roles of the RSF in boosting security, stability and protecting citizens as a protecting shield during the recent tribal conflicts in the state during the last period. 
Q.2 what are the types of cooperation and coordination between the RSF and the other regular forces in the state?
A. The dispatching of the RSF in all geographical zones in the state added a new dimension of  understanding and harmony with the other the other regular forces in securing the state and curbing the smuggling, protecting the economy and preventing spreading of the crime .
Q.3What are the fields and sectors of services benefited from the RSF? 
A.The RSF has paid  all attention  to the health fields by inspecting the patients , providing aids and some medical support , health conveys and the contribution in health awareness campaigns , supporting the efforts in confronting Corona Virus pandemic by providing the self -protection supporters  including face masks , sterilizers , cleaners , health awareness  , In addition to the RSF initiatives in the early test for breast cancer and the participation in the cultural events in this filed . Besides providing humanitarian aids to the floods affected area of Khore Baraka. Providing floods, and shelter and services to the citizens live at the floods tracks areas .In addition to social services to the pilgrimages during Hajj season in Swakin.
Q.4 Your Excellency a   message to whom you convey at the end this interview?
A.Thanks for this interview, and gratitude to all figures in the state and to the citizens for their good cooperation with the RSF and the bright image of the RSF amid the citizens .There are and many major roles of the RSF Electronic Information in the Red Sea state in coordination and communication with all components of the civil society in state which has great impact on the success of the RSF projects that contributed in the peaceful coexistence and strengthening the social fabric by organizing social , and cultural and sports events under the auspice of the First Vice president of the Transitional Sovereign Council , the RSF Commander in Chief 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamadan Daglo .