RSF Commander in Central Darfur Sector, Brig. Ali Yaqoub Jibril Sheds light on the role of the RSF recent in Central Darfur

Q1. Would you please tell us about the role of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in confronting smuggling of the strategic commodities out of the   Central Darfur state   ?

  1.  The RSF are existing everywhere in the state. In regard to confronting smuggling of the strategic commodities, our directives are so clear in curbing this phenomenon. Our forces are spread  in all bordering points in Wadi Saleh, western Jugma ) at Bandasi locality , Um Dokhun , Abu Jaradil . We work in coordination with the other regular forces. Now the state is witnessing considerable stability in the security situations.

Q 2. Did the geographic location of the state has an impact considering that the state is bordering more than one State?

  1. Borders between the state, Chad and Central Africa are open, there is trade movement. We cannot say it is completely controllable, but our forces exerted great efforts in reducing the phenomenon, the integration and communication between the local communities in Sudan and the neighboring countries represent great burrier to the monitoring and smuggling, beside the movement of herders between borders

Q3.What are your efforts in securing the agricultural season and the harvest recently?

A: The last agricultural season was successful, high rates of rains. The RSF,  SAF, the Police and Security managed to boost security and stability in the state, preventing violations between farmers and herders. They did not record any crimes of killing or burgling or theft. Many citizens expressed their satisfaction of the performance of the joint forces. It is not only the agricultural season and the harvest, it is more than that included the winter season during these days. There are many local committees to assist the forces in solving the problems and issues.

Q4. There are some rumors about insecurities and negative aspects of drugs and scooters, and Kadamol, what are efforts in this regard?

Q. Last year UNAMID was officially exited from Darfur, within forming an alternative mechanism, what is the role of the RSF?

A. Following the UNAMID exit from Darfur, and central Darfur in particular, RSF as the security committee chaired by the Governor of the state took a decision to protect these sites of the mission by joint force according to directives of the RSF commander in chief, and the decision governor of Central Darfur State, we set up preparations to secure these important sites owned by the Sudanese people and the citizen, should get benefit from it. We organized campaigns to aware the people with the important of the public properties, I don’t expect any sort of stealing of damaging of the properties.  Concerning the protection of   civilians, the RSF is considered essential part of the peacekeeping in Darfur and it will be nominated as the alternative for the mission following the official exit.

Q. Some people talk about the arrival of groups form outside the state to   attack these sites in Zalengei, taking advantage of  the exit of forces guarding these sites, your comment ?

A. There are abnormal persons who work to destroy and attack such sites. We have received some news said so according to information pointed to these groups that plan to steal the head office of the mission in Zalengei. They have found our forces guarding these sites preventing them to implement their plans .Our forces succeeded in protecting these sites as well as other sites in the last era.

Q. Besides its security role, the RSF have major role in serving the society, what is the contribution of RSF in the regular and religious education?

A. The RSF contributed greatly in supporting and rehabilitation of developmental and services projects in Central Darfur state. In regular education we have provided support to many schools in the nomads areas   We have established not less than 25 model villages in Darfur states, most of them in central Darfur in Al Malem area , the Red Mountain ,  Khor Ramlah , Um Dokhun m Begera Shaylah . We support more than 90 teachers by paying their bonuses since 4 years ago up to now. In our plan to build such model villages for displaced for the delaying of the completion of the voluntary return project. Addition to establishing mosques and supporting   Khalwas. We have billion SDGs to support Um Dokhun market following its firing last year . We have boosted security and stability so we are capable to present more services, and rehabilitate those projects.

Q. In the field of health and water in the nomads and displaced, your contribution?

A. The RSF represented into the RSF commander in -chief , have provided financial support , establishing water sources in the nomads and displaced areas and the far away areas . In the health field , we have supported clinics with medicines , health equipment and tools , adding to the anti-Corona virus . We have organized campaigns for cleanliness and environment sanitation.

Q. The RSF have many activities in boost peace and mend social fabric, the most distinguished steps in this regard ?

A. Concerning boost peace and mending the social fabric among the components of the state we participated in the resolving many tribal conflicts between the citizens that extended to the neighboring states in south and west Darfur. We held reconciliations and arrested the insurgents and the criminals and imposing the Law. Following the interference of the RSF problems and violations are reduced, and this our duty. We are so proud with this task that for the sake of the people .We committed with all directives of the RSF commander in chief in all states of Darfur  and Sudan  . I appeal to all who have negative about the RSF to look at the achievements and help the people to live in security and stability. The RSF Commander in Chief 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo played major role in boost peace in all Sudan, and he is looking forward for the best sooner or later.

Q. Regarding the sports, would you please plan to support or sponsor any sport team or Equestrian race  festival ?

A. Concerning the Sport with its forms ,the  First Vice President of the Trasitional Sovereign  Council , RSF Commander in Chief , 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo directives to pay attention to the sport and support it considering it the link between all components of the society . He supported the equestrian club in central Darfur, by sponsoring its activities of this season that kicked –off recently and it was attended by 70,000 spectators who had known that the RSF is supported this great effort .We presented support to Neretteti sport club, we work to activate   our programs in the this field in the future by boosting peace, and the voluntary of the IDPs and refugees.

Q. What is your future plan and program for coming period?

A. We efforts to improve and to expand our activities and programs in the society services such as sport m equestrian , health , education , and water we will begin in the next coming days through participating in the rehabilitation of Zalengei educational hospital following the violations took place there .

Q. The RSF and Nertiti sit-in, your comment ?

A. During Nertiti sit-in, the RSF commander in chief and the RSF sector, we participated in responding the revolutionists and the sit-in demands concerning services, security. During his visit to the sit-in in Nertiti and according to the directive of the First Vice president of the Sovereign Council , RSF commander in Chief  1st Lt . Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo , the RSF Deputy Commander in Chief Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo presented electric  Generator  to the city, and two tractors to the IDPs , beside sum money , 100 vehicles , it was reduced recently to 50 vehicles . Our forces are deployed in different sites to secure the area .

Q. Your excellency, the Brig. Ali Yagoub have any message to convey and to whom?

A. My message is to the citizens of the state and Sudan in general , to stick on patience , and don’t response to the insurgents  who work against the RSF and the regular forces , for they all protect the  glorious revolution m and safeguard the nation . We have keep the peace that was signed recently . Our country needs more efforts to boost security and peace.