Interview -Peace Shield RSF Commander Darfur states. Brig Al-Nur Ahme

Peace shield RSF Commander  north Darfurr Brig. Al Nur Ahmed  Adam  known as ( AlNur Gubbah) said in an Interview to Akhbar al Youm daily newspaper  that the Rapid Support Forces RSF is a national force , forms from all parts of Sudan ,and aims to protect the civilians and to preserve security and stability of the citizens following the exist of  UNAMID in all parts of the state . Brig. Al Nur Gubbah tackled many topics in this interview.
Q.1 Your Excellency Brig. Al Nur Gubbah Peace Sheild RSF is timely, would you elaborate on this?
A. Yes.  Actually  RSF is timely following the exit of UNMID . Our forces are ready and deployed and spread in all parts of the state work to bridge of security gaps and to protect the civilians. RSF is a national force forms from all parts of  Sudan . not biased to any part .
Q.2 Brig. Al Nur Gubbah , as you know there are other  regular forces work in the same field m what the coordination with these forces ?
A. Yes, our forces work in great coordination with the other forces, the SAF , the  Police , and the other regular forces ,besides the armed struggled forces because they are part of the peaceful process.
Q3.The security committee in the state held a joint meeting with the RSF  and  other , the out  come of that meeting concerning the deploying of these forces ?
A.According to the directives of the First Vice President of the Transitional Council RSF Commander in Chief ,1st .Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo ,and the directives of the security committee in the state , that the forces to deploy in all localities of the state with concentration on the insecurities and negatives phenomenon affected areas .There are full and great coordination with the security committee regards to the deployment of the forces particularly the police and the Prosecution  to accompany the forces accurately and in harmony to avoid any negative promotion against our forces .In addition to curb the negative aspects regarding to legal frame works .
Q4.Your excellency Brig. Al Nur Gubbah , there are many decisions issued regarding to the negative phenomenon such as kadmol, using of scooters and drugs , what is the role of the peace shield forces to curb these negative aspects?
A.Our forces are fighting and curbing all negative aspects (scooters ,  kadmol ,drugs and inliscence  and illegal weapons . Our forces are ready to curb any phenomenon .Our aim is stability  of  Sudan ,security and mending of social fabric and the good relations amid all social  components .The citizen will feel safe and secure .The RSF deployed in all parts of the state to curb such negative aspects and insecurities .
Q.5 Would you please have a message to convey?
A.Our message to the citizens. We are all relatives of one status, so we have to live in peaceful coexistence and to avoid any kinds of violations and tension amid the components of on society. We have to forget the past with all its harms and to open a new chapter for the sake of rehabilitation  and construction and development .