Interview-RSF Commander In Gedaref , Col .Ibrahim Mahmoud Musa

Interviewed by –Ibrahim Gasm Allah Mohamed

The Rapid Support Forces RSF have played significant roles  in  Gedaref  state , which could be summarized in boosting security , safeguarding the borders , curbing the negative phenomenon and crimes , in addition to providing social services, pushing forward development process in the state. 
For all these contributions we caught up with  the RSF Commander, Gedaref sector Col. Ibrahim Mahmoud Musa to highlight these topics.

Q. Would you please tell us about the main tasks of the RSF in the state?
A. Gedaref sector is one of the RSF important sectors .Its responsibility includes all the state borders that neighboring Ethiopia , and it is considered as cross to Kassala , and the Red Sea states where smuggling with its all types , including human trafficking , drugs , arms , strategic commodities , smuggling of medicines to Sudan are active .
Gedaref has strategic situation where several public and private bodies m and other important bodies are existed. So it so important that the RSF work as part of the security committee in the state to keep and guard the important organs in case of any emergencies , and to spread calmness among the people, imposing the power of the State.
Q. What is the role of the RSF in curbing the negative phenomenon ? 
A. Actually , the RSF in Gedaref has participated in curbing several negative aspects m insecurities , tribal conflicts and also has participated in curbing smuggling of strategic commodities ,oil materials , smuggling of foreign currency speculators, weapons and others . 
Q. Would you please tell us about the debatable Ambulance Car the RSF has seized?
A. In 2020 the RSF Gedaref sector managed to seized an Ambulance Car according to information conveyed by the RSF Investigation Directorate in coordination with the General Intelligence Organ.The Car was lauded by weapons m7  Kalashnikov, shooting guns and ammunitions, besides US$170,000 , and 72 mobile devices  with a total cost of SDG17billion . This seizure is considered a selective one.
Q. What is the role of the RSF in resolving the tribal conflicts?
A. The RSF in Gedarif has played appreciable role and exerted great efforts to resolve the tribal conflict with high professionalism culminated by reconciliation in the presence of the Governor of the state .The RSF has also participated in mending the social fabric between Al Dabaina and Al Jawamees tribes in coordination with the state. These initiatives are highly valued by the conflicts factions and the citizens of the state.
Q. Would you please describe the relation of the RSF with the other regular forces?
A. The RSF is working in full coordination with the other regular forces and the SAF for the sake of the country.
Q. What are the role of the RSF in the communal services ?
A. The RSF in collaboration with other regular forces in confronting mosquitos , flies during the Autumn season . Protecting the forests from interference . RSF has also participated in boosting safety and security in the state.
Q. The RSF is targeted by some bodies, mainly its works and achievements , your comment?
A. Actually the RSF exclusively has curbed the crimes of  impersonations  the RSF .The RSF has managed to seize those who wore the RSF uniform and legal procedures were taken against them, 
Q. What is the contribution of the RSF in facing the economic crisis in the state?
A. The RSF through the economic mechanism has participated in the flow of fuels and basic  commodities  when  required . In 2020 the RSF managed to seized huge quantities  of  Dollars , weapons and commodities. Legal procedures are  taken .