Interview RSF Commander East Darfur Sector Brig. Huusein Manzoul

The Rapid Support Forces RSF play major and important roles in boosting security and securing the borders and curbing the negative phenomenon and crimes, in addition to contribution in the providing social services .Beside pushing forward the development process in the state . For more achievements we raised many question to his Excellency RSF Commander East Darfur Sector Brig. Hussein Manzoul to shed light.
Q.1 You are welcome, would you please tell us about the achievements of the RSF sector?
A. The Rpaid Support Forces RSF have boosted security from the tribal wars and the rebels since 2014, till the whole  state  witnessed  stability  and  security .   
Q.2 How could see the cooperation of the RSF and the other regular forces?
A. RSF work in harmony and full coordination and integration. The RSF is secure guard for all forces exist in the state.
Q.3 What   are the roles of the RSF in social services?
A. There are some peoples who drilling negative images recently about the RSF .The citizens of the state are aware with the efforts of the First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, RSF Commander in chief, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan  Daglo particularly the convey arrived the state in  Al Ferdos locality during the flood season . All citizens of the state recognize the achievements of the RSF   following the wars times and at the  rehabilitation  and development stability era .The other medical and humanitarian assistance convey promoting for peace and all related needs of the  citizen .
Q.4 How could you treat with the South Sudan Citizens?
A. As all know that east Darfur is a bordering state with South Sudan State that its citizens were living here in the state. The IDPs now are living in west part of the state in camps and we are treating with them as Sudanese citizens as well as East Darfur citizens.
Q. 5 The RSF readiness to curb smuggling that threating the Sudanese Economy, your comment?
A. Smuggling depends mainly on the basic commodities including Sugar, flour, gasoline and fuels to the South Sudan . At the same time we receive drugs and alcohol .The RSF and the other regular forces are ready. They managed to seize more than 9 seizures at the southern borders. Now the RSF work in full coordination with the drugs curbing directorate in the state, Division 20 of the SAF, and General Intelligence Services, and the RSF representing in the active Investigation Directorate   . We are ready to fight any smugglers and drugs promoters.
Q.6 The RSF secured the agricultural season and opened the tracks, would you tell us about this?
A.Actually, our brothers m the nomads are badly affected by closing of Marheel and tracks that have been  working  since  the  British existence in Sudan , it has its legality . Now you there is a new phenomenon that is the business in agriculture where chieftain brought farmers from the other states and rent the agricultural lands for personal benefits. There  were  some  clashes , but due to our contribution  the  harvest  succeeded  peacefully . We have future plan in the coming Autumn to open these Marheel and tracks for the sake and safety of the citizens of east Darfur , besides to preserve the rights of the farmers .
Q.7 Drugs and its impact on the youths and in east  Darfur  in  particular  as  sources  of  drugs  , what is your plan to curb it ?
A. This is a huge project m a big number of the youths adapted this way through paying huge amount of money  to destroy the youths  . I think the main cause is the unemployment. We talked to the center on the importance of financing youths projects to develop themselves, the area and the whole country .We that east Darfur state will become an investing state to realize the slogan of Sudan is the World Food Basket . This requires patience and hard work to develop the area and the state as a whole .We promise to make change in planting good and productive farming instead of drugs.
Q.8The readiness of the RSF following the exist of UNAMID ?
A. The RSF have had advanced training to protect the civilians .We replace the UNAMID 100% . Civilians are our relatives and we are ready to protect them to practice agriculture and works. 
Q. The citizens of east Darfur, how could they see the RSF?
A. Those who are drilling the image of the RSF were making gaps between the citizens and the RSF . The RSF are now within the people of east Darfur providing social service, through presenting contributions to the sport clubs , hospital , and well in Asslayia .Our future plan to construct a bridge of Assreb in the eastern borders and an Emirate hospital presented by the RSF Commander in chief . The RSF boosted security and stability to the citizens . We convey thanks to the citizens of east Darfur for their patience.