RSF Electronic Information Interviews Col. Eisa Hussein Tikizo, the RSF Commander in the Blue Nile State

The RSF relations with the Blue Nile community is distinguished
The armed struggle movements described our forces as neutral
We have regular meetings with the local administrations which led to mending the social fabric.
The RSF acquired the confidence of the government of the state in transporting and safeguarding the Basic Level  Certificate examinations

The RSF play great roles in all aspects in the Blue Nile state and it is considered as safety valve in protecting the people. The RSF are always close to the citizens and ready to respond to their demands.
To shed light on its noble mission in the Blue Nile State, the RSF Electronic Information conducted a brief interview with the RSF commander in the area, Col. Eisa Hussein Tikizo.

Q: What are the main roles of the RSF in the Blue Nile State?
A: The RSF safeguard the area  in the South/West borders to prevent the smuggling movements including the drugs and arms.

Q: What are the services provided by the RSF to the community in the state?
A:There are several contributions provided by the RSF in the Blue Nile sector represented by dispatching the convoys to the localities in the State, besides the maintenance and rehabilitation of intensive care in Damazin Teaching Hospital. There are other contributions in cultural and sports activities in the state.

Q:What are the most significant achievements of the RSF in the area?
A: The most significant achievement in the Blue Nile sector is the protection of the South/West borders and preventing the smuggling of arms, ammunitions and drugs. The RSF are patrolling the agricultural projects a matter that made the agricultural season a success and led to the considerable stability amid the farmers.
The RSF also contributed in the maintenance of the highway during the rainy season a matter that resulted to the smooth flow of trucks which bring the requirements of the state from Khartoum.
Also the RSF dispatched several awareness convoys to several areas to aware the people about the risks of COVID-19 pandemic besides providing them with the necessary requirements.
The government of the state has assigned the RSF to transport and safeguard the Sudan Basic Level Examination in all the localities of the state.

Q: What is the role of the RSF in reducing the tribal tensions in the state?
A: The RSF commandment in the Blue Nile used to conduct regular meetings with the local administrations in the area to promote the social balancing amid the tribes of the area a matter that contributed in mending the social fabric, hence considerable security stability in the area and the absence of tribal tensions.

Q: Are you ready for the implementation of  Juba Peace Agreement on the ground?
A: Yes, there is consensus between us and the armed struggle movements in the area considering our neutrality and our dealing with all the components of the area via national spirits.
 Accordingly, our mission will be easy and the implementation of the peace agreement will be completed smoothly.

Q: Please brief us on the relations between the RSF and other regular forces in the area?
A: We, in the Blue Nile sector are working in harmony with all the regular forces in the area a matter that resulted to the security stability in the area through the joint work with other regular forces.

Q: Would you please describe the impression of the Blue Nile citizens about the Rapid Support Forces?
A: We have good relations with the citizens in the state and that is due to our sophisticated dealing in all aspects being sports, culture or social. This gave a good impression towards the RSF and our relation with the communities is model.
Q: What are the contributions of the RSF in the fight against COVID-19?
A:Our forces exerted considerable effort during the widespread of the first and the second waves of COVID-19. This was through awareness campaigns via the convoys,  the local administration, the joint committees with the medical cadre in the area and providing the requirements in confronting the pandemic.

Q: How are the security conditions in the state these days?
A: I affirm that the security situations in the Blue Nile State is at its best and the stability dominated all the localities of the State.

Q: What is the position of the RSF amid the political forces and local communities?
A: We do not have political dealings, but according to our responsibilities our meetings are continuous with the local administration leaders to mend the social fabric and peaceful coexistence.

Q: Your future vision in the sector?
A: The future vision of the RSF – Blue Nile Sector – coincides with the new openness plan according to the directives of the centre.