Interview –RSF West Kordofan Sector Col. Al Taj Al Tijani Abd Allah

The Rapid Support Forces RSF Kordofan Sector Col. AlTaj Al Tejani Abdallah said that they are working to curb smuggling, the inter-bordering crime and the imposing of the power of the State through preserving security and social peace amid the components of community of west Kordofan. He affirmed their cooperation with the other regular forces, adding they are working in full coordination to integrate the roles .He explained that the security situation in the state is stable and calm pointing out to the absence of any conflicts in the state following Glorious December revolution.
Interviewed by Ibrahim Gasm Allah Mohamed
Q.1What are roles of the Rapid Support Forces RSF in west Kordofan sector?
A. You are welcome our brothers in the Electronic Information for this opportunity. Actually ,we as forces at the Rapid Support Forces RSF have many roles to play in the state , the most characterized to monitor the borders ,curb the negative aspects representing into preventing smuggling m drugs , the inter- bordering crime in addition to imposing of power of the State.
Q. 2What is the role of the RSF in peacekeeping?
A.We are working preserve and support peace that was signed recently in Juba led by the First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council , RSF Commander in Chief 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo ( Hemediti) . There is a peaceful coexistence particularly in the bordering areas, and openness amid tribes, there is an interaction between Dinka and Messyirria in these bordering areas.
Q .3  Would you brief us on the cooperation between the RSF and the other regular forces?
A. We have full coordination with Division 22 infantry in the SAF, besides the Police, and the General Intelligence Services .We are part of  the security committee in the state , working in harmony , and in joint cooperation in  all matters. 
Q. 4   What are the recognized initiatives of the RSF in the state?
A. The RSF initiatives since the change of the former regime .Our forces concentrated to boost peace and social security amid the tribes. One of these initiatives to resolve 2tribal conflicts. We have stabled blocked wall to secure villages and farmers, securing the movement of the nomads and organizing them through local administration .We held three conferences on peaceful coexistence to mend the social fabric. Regarding the social work we provided social support to more than 10 Khalwas,  in addition to that the RSF provided a generator to Al Mujlad hospital of kidney to assist in stabling of the power supply. The RSF provided support clubs in Abyei  locality , we provided 22 sets of equipment to the sport clubs .Besides supporting of the festival of equitize club. Transporting of school books from state head quarters in  Alfula to AlMujlad and AlMereim  locality.
Q.How could you see the security situation in the state. 
A. The state is stable since December glorious revolution .So it is calm free from any sort of conflicts and according to the efforts to boost security as directives of the First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council , RSF Commander in chief that boosting peaceful coexistence should be reality amid the tribes . Life turned to normality .There is no  any tribal conflicts in the state from Al Mujlad to Al Mereim.
Q. Your Excellency Col. Al Taj Al Tijani , have you any comment or message ?
A. We can say Allah helps us to boost security and stability and preserving peace in our Country.