Rapid Support Forces lives up to its motto in real time on the ground

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has played an instrumental role in maintaining peace in Sudan, offering strategic support to the Sudanese Armed Forces since its establishment.
Its leadership and personnel are all highly trained, ensuring stability in Sudan through “accessibility, rapidity and resoluteness,” which has become its official motto.

Chaired by RSF Commander, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the RSF safeguards Sudan’s borders, fighting contraband, illegal migration and human, arms and narcotics trafficking.
Despite the challenging economic and security situation in Sudan today, the RSF manages to control all the country's borders by providing ongoing, multidisciplinary training to its personnel. Its effectiveness is uniform across the nation — irrespective of Sudan's highly variable geographic and climatic zones.  
The RSF has also acted as a key proponent of advancing rule of law and the authority of the state in Sudan. Its countless missions have saved the lives of numerous victims of cross-border human trafficking, while hundreds of RSF servicemen have lost their lives or been injured seriously on the job.

The RSF has also played a formative role in advancing Sudan’s economic interests by tackling cross-border contraband. Over its long history, the RSF has implemented massive operations that have thwarted hundreds of acts of smugglings and human, narcotics and arms trafficking.

Today, the RSF is considered a powerful military force regionally and the strongest arm of the Sudanese Armed Forces.