Another image in Gorlang and Kas

by : Majdi Abdul Aziz ...

There is doubt that it is a year of fear and breaking hearts when the proverb of  ( Children with LDs ) shaped the image of hundreds of thousands of parents and caregivers  of the students who are living in fear and tension before Sunday 13th September the kick-off of Sudan School Certificate , they are worried about their future within the current political situations after the change , and Corona Virus pandemic ,that our government failed in dealing with its impacts and effects .

541,000 students all over the country will keep in their minds and memories  hours  , days and months of this year 2020, when they do their exams of crossing .They are very tensioned as well as their families beside the pressure of the exams .

Memory of students in many cities as in Khartoum state will remind the days of the sit-in, blockage of streets and roads, and burning of tyers  , demonstrations and protests . In addition to bread and fuel lines, lack of medicines and drugs  , the highjack  of prices , health isolation and face mask , beside the damages of shelters and houses  resulted from the crisis and disasters of floods and the exceptional season of Autumn .

 Other kinds and types of suffering that Sudan School Certificate students are living in the different ruler areas, topped by their suffering from war and conflicts the war . It is good to find students in these areas despite the difficulties are working hard to plan and shape their future as well as their colleagues in the different parts of the country   .

The society initiative of (Wesslni ) that launched in Khartoum state yesterday to transport Sudan School Certificate students . It simultaneous with another unbelievable  ,  more great initiative form unexpected area. It deserves to be known allover  Sudan  , to create hope among Sudanese people despite their disputes , conflicts and violations between them they tend to peace and high valued morals , providing support and assistance to the Sudan School Certificate students in these areas.

Gorlang  Bang in Jabel Marrah as  a military it is considered head of troops of Abd alWahid  Mohamed  Nour  Movement  .  151students from the local citizens   suppose  to do their exams on Sunday  , and exam centers in Kas the second  big city in South Darfur state .

According to the military circumstances, lack of transport and severe ways and roads affected on getting to the exam centers, a great initiative was launched by Makawe Essa Hamed , one of the prominent teachers, who is highly respected by all people  in the area ,to facilitate difficulties after leading good will between the head of the Movement and the Rapid Support Forces RSF battalion in Kas and Shataya localities .

Makkawi led the coordination and the students were received in Gabo area which is a buffer zone separating the government troops from the SLM troops after they walked about six hours on foot, after which the RSF Battalion commander, Lt. Colonel Al-Nour Al-Douma started his mission according to the directives of the RSF higher command to transport the students to Kas and sponsoring the  accommodation of the students till the end of the examinations besides  transporting them back to their home villages.

The achievement deserves appreciation to all who  contributed in making the mission a success.

We believe that such a step in which the interests of the students are considered as national interest, hence putting aside the difference of the rivals for the sake of the nation, should be the start point of the domination of peace.