Homeless Children .. Thank You Himidti

By: Amal Abul Gasim ...

Few days ago news articles published that Al-Maigoma Childcare administration revealed that tens of the kids in centre are subject to sexual and mental abuses. The Administration claimed the deterioration of the housing  of about 36 kids, including street boys and the returnees from the alternative families, aged between 6 – 13 years  who are living in one room.

Accordingly Al-Maigoma Childcare Administration stressed on the necessity of adopting a radical solution to this crisis.

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Development reacted to the issue and decided to ban the adoption of children and the alternative families.

It is true that this decision might tackle part of the reasons which forced this category to be subject to sexual and mental abuse despite the strict procedures accompanying the allowance of adoption and alternative families.

But we believe that it is very crucial to address the roots of the issue through the Ministry of Welfare and Social Development which is supposed to provide a suitable healthy place along with strict monitoring, psychiatric treatment, and guidance considering that those kids are in bad need to fell the warmth of the families which they missed

Obviously, there is nothing important for the government other than prioritizing the issues of this category to enable those kids overcome the difficulties considering that they are part of the community.

But is seems that the political wrangling over other issues not including the deteriorated social circumstances will breed the worst as long as the Ministry of Welfare and Social Development is giving a blind eye to the issue.

Fortunate enough, the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council , Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, as he usually does, in addressing any defects being of security or economic or social nature, decided to deal with this category of homeless, street boys, and displaced through launching an humanitarian organization under the slogan (You Are Not Alone).

Frank speaking this category, and since the ousted regime, was suffering social discrimination despite the assistance provided by social society organizations and other efforts from the concerned public institutions to the extent that the homeless and street boys issue has become an inhumane phenomena as you find them in the crossings of the streets and stoplights. Instead of dealing seriously by the government they did not find any attention.

Now, and as the peace deal is inching it is high time to deal with the issue considering that some of those kids are victims of the civil war which dominated the country for decades.

Himidti, being the icon of the peace,  took the lead to contain their issue.

“You Are Not Alone” organization will work in Sudan and South Sudan to deal with the war effects after the signature of the peace deal.

Our brothers in South Sudan deserve such action as they provided a lot to make the peace process a reality, and this was strengthened by applying the Four Freedoms between the two countries besides the economic integration between the two countries.

On our part we aspire a lot from this organization, especially after Himidti announced sponsoring it including the offices and the finance to make it an model establishment according to the international standards in terms of education and rehabilitation.

Thank you Himidti and may Allah the Almighty accept your givings.