Noble Stances

By: El-Tayeb Khalil..

On the 17th of September, Al-Mijhar Al-Siyasi Daily Newspaper, conducted an interview with the leader of the National Umma Party (NUP), Imam Al-sadiq Al-Mahdi in which – among other things – he praised the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and its commander in chief, 1st Lt. Gen. Moahmmed Hamdan Daglo, member of the Sovereign Council.

Al-Mahdi said: " Himidti has played an important role in making the revolution a success and without him the revolution might have failed, adding that the RSF troops can play an important rational security role.”

No doubt that Al-Mahdi is one of the political icons who has an in-depth political analysis to the realities of the political events in the country. He is one of the historic leaders in the country.

The meaningful statements of Al-Mahdi reflected the consequences of the political and security situations in Sudan.

It supports the trend of dealing with the critical situation of the country in wisdom considering that it is of the interest of the country to change the hate speech and negative stances towards the Rapid Support Forces and its leader considering that the Rapid Support Forces have become a figure which could not be neglected.

Previously, Al-Mahdi was arrested after he accused the Rapid Support Forces of repeatedly committing mistakes; but afterwards the Rapid Support Forces proved that its troops are conducting its mission in a professional manner so it deserve respect and appreciation for its considerable efforts which extended to include social support a matter that made a lot of experts and political analysts laud its role.

Al-Mahdi, who left to Egypt in 2014 as an opposition to Al Bashir-s regime, returned to Khartoum to participate in the national dialogue launched by the then Al Bashir government. At that time the Rapid Support Forces welcomed the return of Al-Mahdi, pointing out that his return represented an added value to the peace process and the stability of the country.

Between the two stances the tolerance, forgiveness and overstepping the agonies for the sake of the nation are obvious considering that the Rapid Support Forces placed Al-Mahdi in the place he deserves as a political leaders.

No doubt that Sudan in its upcoming stage is in need for opening a new chapter in which the past agonies are put aside as Al-Mahdi and Himidti did, because we do not need any political congestion or disputes.

We need a consensus that leads the country to a real democracy that lay the foundation for a rationale state.