Himidti In Juba .. A Real Breakthrough

By: El-Tayeb Khalil..

The rounds of the Sudanese peace negotiations between the Sudanese delegation chaired by the Vice President of the Sovereign Council, Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces, 1st Lt, Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo (Himidti) and the armed groups under the banner of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, which Juba is hosting have achieved a considerable breakthrough in he peace dossier which he ousted regime failed to make.

The talks resulted to the signature of the declaration of principles, according to which complete ceasefire was determined and setting a roadmap towards reaching a comprehensive peace.

I believe that the success of Juba talks is due to the strong will of the two parties to the negotiations and the confidence of the armed groups on the honesty of Himidti in bringing an end to the war towards uniting the people of Sudan.

It is high time to bring an end to the civil war which lasted for decades during which all the resources of the country were not utilized.

No doubt that Himidti has played a great role through his endeavours to achieve peace as he kept encouraging the Sudanese of all walks of life o preserve the security and stability of the country and ending the civil war to benefit from the rich resources of our beloved Sudan.

Daglo efforts are expanded to visit neighbouring countries in search for peace a he contacted the leaders of the armed groups when he was the Vice President of the Transitional Military Council. He visited the Chadian capital Ndjamena in which he met with Sudan Liberation Movement leader, Arko Minnawi besides a high level delegation form the Justice and Equality Movement. Then he visited Asmara before his landing in Juba to lead the Sudanese team in the negotiations.

It is apparent that the studied steps of  Himidti created confidence among the leaders of the armed groups and that was obvious in their positive statements in the media towards the moves of Himidti.

The rapprochement between Himidti and the armed groups encouraged the President of South Sudan, 1st. Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardi to propose Juba as the venue of the peace talks between the transitional government and the armed groups.

In the opening session of the peace talks held in the republican palace in Juba, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo who is presiding the Sudanese government delegation said that achieving peace is a strategic option in Sudan to build the state of just peace.

Those words of Himidti found great appreciation from the Sudanese people especially in the marginalized areas.

On the other hand, the address of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front representative, delivered by Dr. Al-Hadi Idriss conveyed a direct message to Himidti that they are extending their hands for the sake of peace and building a new healthy community.

Those two positive addresses enabled the negotiations reach a positive point by the signature of the declaration of principles for the procedures of confidence building between the Sudanese government and the armed Sudanese Revolutionary Front.

The great efforts which Himidti is exerting make us optimistic that achieving a comprehensive and sustainable peace is inching to become a reality.

We ae all hoping that the efforts of Himidti pay off and we  achieve the peace which the Sudanese people are aspiring.