Press Release

1.Since its formation the Rapid Support Forces RSF have been working in seriousness and   responsibility for the safety, security of the country providing precious when required and demanded  . RSF are playing focal role in protecting human and humanity via participating in combating the organized crossing crime including human  trafficking  , drugs , weapons and others that threat the international security and peace . 
2. Despite all  these  noticeable roles , the RSF are still suffering from internal and external bodies work  to draw negative image about the RSF by spreading rumors and disinformation about the forces .
3. Unfortunately  , during the last two days organized negative campaigns targeted the RSF in some of the  foreign mass media  to spread rumors and disinformation about the forces as Anadul Agency by publishing news pointed out the  RSF dispatched 1200 forces to fight in Libya . While the RSF spokesman   , Brig. Gamal Guma denied the fabricated news   and explained the facts in a press conference held on Thrusday  3rd  December 2020   . 
4. Unfortunately   ,this what is adapted by the Libyan mass media and the Libyan TV Chanels , ignoring  have information from the official sources that caused harms to the RSF.
5. The RSF followed the bodies that spread such fabric speech   , and published it for the first time referred it to a person   outside  Sudan . Legal procedures were taken against him under the report No, 1581/2020 under the articles   23/25  information  ,   and the article ( 51) of the Criminal law 1991.
6. It is pointed that this organized targeting is not for the first time, the RSF   have been facing such targeting since the glorious revolution   , even the other regular forces that suffered from accusing it as working anti to the Nation and the citizens.
7. In this targeting , fighting troops from the neighboring countries to Libya were exploited to work as militias in Libya . They are militia working and looking for personal interests and represent themselves.
8. These groups claim that they work as part of the RSF, this came in Video statements of it leaders of different leading ranks. One of them who is called Mohamed Baheit Ajaeb al Door  , dressed in Majar . General. and was worked for the Armed Forces before his dismissed according to the Officers affairs department No. 557 6th June 2018 ,he escaped from service  , and was trialed in absence by dismissing from the Armed Forces. 
9. Videos had shown different other fighting groups in Libya representing factions and groups with different names.
10. The existence of Sudanese fighting groups in Libya, made Libya to accuse   Sudan through its envoy in the Arab League in December 2019. Accusing Sudan to interfere in the Libyan internal conflict, by using Sudanese troops from the armed forces working inside Libya. Sudan envoy to the Arab League replied to the Libyan accusations explaining that there are not any Sudanese troops in the Sudanese lands.
11. The UN had lied leaks about existence  of  Sudanese troops fighting in Libya , affirming that there is no any evidence pointed to the participation of  Armed formed forces in the  Libyan despute.
12. This is simultaneously with the denying of the Armed Forces and the RSF in the Jazira Chanel on 9th December 2019 ,that Sudan did not participate in the Libyan conflict .
13. Unfortunately, those of certain agenda give a blind eye towards the significant role of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in preventing the youth from travelling to fight in Libya as one of its obligations to protect the borders and following up the illegal migration dossier. We hereby relate some of those efforts exerted by the RSF:
a. On July 12th, 2017 the RSF arrested several people at the triangle area in Northern State after shooting out. Documents were found with those arrested stipulating that they had signed an agreement with Libyan parties to recruit 1000 persons to fight. They were brought to justice and penalized by SDG5000 fine, confiscating their weapons, life sentence, confiscating of 2 vehicles and confiscation of 130,000 Libyan dinars, and that was on 30th September 2020 in No. (1) anti-terrorism court in Khartoum.
b. On February 2020 the RSF Intelligence managed to arrest 243 in each of El-Fashir, Nyala and Al-Genaina in their way to Libya to work with one of the conflict parties there against SDG20000 monthly.
c. On June 2020 the RSF arrested 122 persons in North Darfur, Central Darfur and West Darfur while attempting to travel to Libya to work as mercenaries. They were brought to book under emergency and protecting the general safety of 1997 and  month, and  were 6-month imprisoned.
d. On July 2020, the RSF arrested 160 persons in North Darfur on their way to Libya including 2 Syrian nationals.
e. On September, 2020, RSF arrested 41 persons in West Darfur State including 4 kids, 27 of them were sentenced by 3 months imprisonment according to emergency and General safety Protection Act.
14. The RSF and through its statements and press conference clarify the continuous efforts exerted to stop the infiltration of the fighters from travelling to work as mercenaries in Libya by arresting them and handing them to justice.
15. The RSF will continue its tireless efforts to conduct its duties with disregard to the allegations which are published every now and then.