Press Statement On the Allegation of assaulting a Physician By RSF Officer in Al-Dheain Hospital

- The incident of a baby-girl at Al-Dheain hospital on Sunday 5th April 2020 has erupted argument that that regular forces are still assaulting the physicians without being subject to penal measures.

- The authorities of the state issued a press statement titled (The Strike of the Physicians)in which it clarified several issues including the case of assaulting a physician in Al-Dheain hospital on Sunday 5th April 2020 affirming that all procedures were taken in the incident.

- We followed in the media outlets a statement affiliated to Central Committee of Sudanese Physicians on the assault.

- For its part, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) started direct contacts with East Darfur State authorities and the RSF command in that sector to make sure of the consequences of the incident.

- The incident could be summarized by that  family members of one of the officers were subject to unintentional shooting after which they were taken to Al-Dheain Hospital at 11:00 a.m. were first aid procedures were practiced awaiting for the arrival of the physician who showed up at 5:00 p.m. after being summoned by the police authorities. When the physician arrived he found that a baby-girl passed away.

- The RSF officer pushed the physician outside the pushed the physician outside the ward to avoid the angry reaction of the baby-girl relatives. The tension was contained after the two parties sit together.

- After a while the incident was escalated and took violent turn represented by assaulting the physicians by regular forces a  matter that requires consideration.

- The said RSF officer is under arrest pending completing the required legal procedures.

- The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) hereby affirm that it stand supporting the law and such incidents are dealt with decisively and without any negligence.


Brigadier (Psc)

Jamal Guma’s Adam

Rapid Support Forces Spokesperson